Five Services a Customs Broker Can Offers to Importers

Five Services a Customs Broker Can Offers to Importers

When importing goods into the United States for the first time, importers may ask if they need to work with a customs broker. Importing goods, no matter their size and amount is complicated. Although hiring a customs broker is a must when importing government-regulated goods, importers must also work with a broker to help them submit documents, classify tariffs, and hire post-entry services.  A customs broker offers different kinds of services to importers as they try to acquire customs clearance. So, what is an import broker? Also, what do brokers do?

A customs broker is the professional importers can rely on when they want to get through the customs clearance process successfully. They offer the following services:


Customs brokers offer consulting sessions. During such sessions, an importer will as ask shipping-related questions to the broker. Then, the broker gives an answer to every question and helps the importer through the whole process. Also, the broker will ask their own questions during the consultation. This helps them understand the importer’s needs and identify issues that an importer cannot handle on their own. 

Documents Filing

Importers must submit different documents when they import goods into the United States. A customs broker will fill out all documents accurately and correctly. These documents include packing lists, commercial invoices, bills of lading, the arrival notices, and importer security filing. Additional paperwork may be necessary, depending on the goods being imported into the country. For instance, hazmat materials should come with separate documents that must be submitted. 

Duties Payment

The majority of items imported into the U. S. are attached with duty fees. These fees must be paid on time to ensure the smooth movement of goods at Customs. A customs broker will ensure these fees are paid so that goods will not get stuck at Customs. 

Import Data Security

Importers need to keep records of their importers for a minimum of five years after the date their importer made entry. A customs broker can demonstrate to importers how they can store all of their import data. Although the broker who helps an importer get their goods into the U. S, have copies of their data, the importer needs to have their own. 

Post-Entry Services

During the importing process, mistakes can take place. Thankfully, it is possible to correct mistakes when identified on time. A customs broker offers post-entry services, which are meant to make sure any import filing is correct. When mistakes are made, the broker will inform the importer about these and tell them how they can correct these mistakes.